Soapmaking 101: Real Soapmaking
Cold process soap-making is a traditional and well-known method of creating soap that has been in use for centuries. In this method, the soap is created through the reaction of oils, fats, and lye, a strong alkaline solution.
dry skin
Avoid chemically produced skin care, stick with pros like Amish Country Soap Company to give you better options.
Super Soap
If you're looking for a personal hygiene superhero, look no further than natural soap. Our Dirty Boy bar soap is a powerhouse of cleanliness and is not only tough on germs, but it's also gentle on the environment and your skin. In fact, all our natural bar soaps are like the Clark Kent of personal hygiene - mild-mannered on the outside, but a real powerhouse on the inside.
We’ve all seen them…piled high on a center isle store display or lined up at the checkout counter, with their cute branding and colorful packaging, convenient bath and body gift sets geared toward moms, teachers, friends, and just about any other female in your life that you need a quick gift for. It’s so tempting
Let’s face it, laundry has changed a lot in last few decades, and thankfully so. Automatic machines, ultra fast spin cycles, timed starts, lighted interiors, load detection devices, and water sensors all help make America’s most hated chore just a little bit easier! Another thing that has changed is laundry soap, or more accurately in

Natural Pain Management Isn’t a Myth!

After almost three years in the making, local family business, Amish Country Soap Co. has added a new product to their premier line of handmade and all natural skincare products, their 3 Magi Salve, made with a special blend of essential oils that includes the regal, frankincense and myrrh. Frankincense and myrrh essential oils have
Thanks, in great part, to the young GenXers and older Millennials who now have more spending power than ever, we have seen a huge shift in the last several years away from the mass-produced, cookie cutter, products of the big-box stores, and back toward the family heritage and quaintly humble offerings of skilled craftsmen and

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